Wow, that was a long hiatus!  But we are back aboard High ZZ’s (official re-christening completed…a real hoot – see Deb’s Facebook, let’s just say our sacrifice to King Neptune for our transgression was a hilarious affair).  We moved the boat to Vero Beach, and are trying to resist the “hooks and loops”.  Cruisers call this place “Velcro” Beach because it is so attractive that many come, intending to go much further, but then end up never leaving.  What’s the hook?  Free bus service to all shops and the beach, great weather, very protected anchorage…and then there are the moorings.   A new experience for High ZZ’s, we picked up a mooring at the Vero Beach City Marina.  I really should say that Ms. Deb picked up the mooring pennant (at her first go) and did a great job of getting us attached.   What is so great about moorings:  If they are well maintained, you don’t have to worry, too much, about setting and possibly dragging your own anchor in high winds.  You get to use all the marina services (showers, laundry, lounge, internet…) at 1/5th the cost of a slip.  And you get to practice loading and unloading, securing, de-watering, driving…your dinghy.    The family “truckster”, our 11ft Achilles inflatable, is fun to run about the mooring field, saying Hay to other boaters, and it can carry a real load – Deb and I, our two folding bikes, two weeks laundry, shower bag, and probably two more people at the same time, if anyone cares to visit?  I, almost, don’t miss our 1985 F-250, since “Following ZZ’s” has the same great characteristics.

So where do we go from here?  We are awaiting the arrival of a favorable weather window that will allow us to meet up with Rachel (Mark and Julie Kaynor) somewhere in the Gulf Stream for a fast ride north.  They will be coming from the Bahamas, we will leave from Ft. Pierce and hope to be within shouting distance (VHF range anyway) in a few hours.  We are also awaiting our crew for the trip, Marshall Spoon.  We need several days of light (5-20kt) South winds to make the trip fast and enjoyable.  Any North wind and the Gulf Stream can quickly become really nasty.  It is likely that our first leg will be to Fernandina Beach…but perhaps longer if the weather and the crew can hold up through more than one night of “night watches”.  Three hours on, three hours off, can be difficult for some…any new mothers with lots of experience at short sleep cycles out there to act as crew?

High ZZ's

High ZZ’s