After a week held hostage in Oriental NC by this winter’s horrible weather, we are finally off again!  We have recorded 17 in of snow on the deck on our trip so far; please, please let there be global climate warming.  And that brings us to Lesson #123 -condensation…High ZZ’z is no lady.  According to Miss Deb, ladies glisten.  Well High ZZ’s SWEATS!   With a difference of 50 to 60 degrees, inside to outside, the condensation in a boat is unbelievable.   Everything that touches the hull is wet…can’t wait for warm, inside and out!  We also recorded a low of 9 F; if only the daily high would raise up to the long-term average low (and now we are not talking tides here).  But we can’t imagine what it would be like without our full enclosure.  Lesson # 124 – never, never travel on a boat in winter without a propane space heater!  The space heater, combined with the evening sun beaming though the enclosure windows makes sundown libations in the cockpit…well….nice!cockpit drinks   Here we are in Swansboro, enjoying the sunset and a walk around this quaint little town.  Too bad it is Sunday, as the sidewalks were all rolled up last night and none of the little shops were open for Deb to explore;  just the craft beer, ice cream and espresso bar, what a great combination, and Lesson #125 – always go out for ice cream on the coldest day of the year.  That tradition we started when we lived in West Lafayette, IN, has allowed us to laugh our way though many a cold winter…and it still serve us well.deb in swansboro