Now is the time for all good ZZ’s to come to the aid of their sailboat.  As we sit,  held hostage by the incredibly cold weather in Norfolk, we are reminded what a great new life we are embarking on living and traveling on a sailboat.  High ZZ’s is our 1997 Caliber 40LRC we purchased in December for our new cruising life.  Much to Ms. Deb’s chagrin, the boat is a two bedroom two bath 40 ft long 13 ft wide house that moves under the power of the wind (and its 50hp diesel engine).   I say Ms. Deb chagrin because our house in South Venice has only one bathroom.  However, unlike our our house in FL, High ZZ’s is threatened by unusually cold weather that could freeze it’s plumbing and violate one of two cardinal rules of sailboat operations: 1.  Keep the water out.  2. Keep the rig up.  Frozen pipes burst and could flood the boat.  So here we sit, tide to the dock and access to enough electricity to keep the boat (and Ms. Deb) warm, and the the ice out of the plumbing, while we await the “average” January weather to arrive in Little Creek (48F high, 33F low).  We miss the weather in Venice and our friends in Blacksburg, but the weather has given us an extended opportunity to visit with our son and daughter-in-law in Norfolk.  We hope to be on our way south in the next week or two, but it has already been quite an adventure!sail boat